We are the New Kids on the block here to bring Self-Produced Artists & Music Producers Premium Melody Sample Packs & More!

We focus solely on providing the best premium and exclusive Hip Hop Midis, Melodies, and Sample packs.

We as producers know that one of the biggest challenges as producers is coming up with new creative musical ideas. This is why we are here to help make your music-making process easier.


The truth is, producers such as yourself may not want to create melodies all the time, but this should not mean that you cannot stand out from the crowd.


Here at INO Sounds, we seek to to help you do just that!


Upcoming Blackout Sample Pack - We are in the process of building this crazy sample pack. We will only be selling this pack to 1000 producers and only those one thousand producers will have access, rights, and contract agreements to use any and all melodies from the Blackout pack Royalty-Free.


We are setting our own trend here because we do not follow fashion. We want you to shine, we want you to stand out from above the crowd so that you can get that major placement you been dying to get, or maybe you just want to sell your beats on platforms like Airbit and Beatstars.


Whatever your preference, we are here to help you Don the Hip Hop Music Game!

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