We all know how difficult it is to find the needed to create a hit production. Motivation is at times tough for any producer -- especially when it comes to creating melodies and chords that are mesmerising.


This MIDI collection is one of the best resources to help you make amazing melodies and chord progressions faster than ever before.


No the genre you're into whether that be Trap, R&B or Hip Hop… the success of a song starts with its melody and chords.


That is why we spend so much time creating melodies that inevitably brought you this... An insane collection of MIDI files called “Dino”!


This collection of MIDI files is perfect for any producer trying to find that bona fide sound. 100% Royalty Free!


And if you like Dino, you’re definitely going to love Blackout! (more details coming soon!)

Dino - Midi Collection