Music creation can take a heck of a lot of time, thought and innovation and this process can be very challenging at times for most producers -- especially concerning the search for the ideal melody to elevate your production.


This collection of MIDI files has plenty of Piano, Chord, Bass, Strings, and Synth files that were carefully curated to give your music a credible & commanding feel.


This MIDI pack is primarily for Hip Hop, Trap, and R&B… All of the greatest hits made throughout history all started with a chord or melody. 


This is why we spent ages creating melodies in order to bring you this... An insane collection of MIDI files called “Wings”! 


This collection of MIDI files is perfect for any producer looking for that bona fide Hip Hop sound. 100% Royalty Free!


And if you like Wings, you’re definitely going to be feeling Blackout! (more details coming soon!)

Wings - Midi Collection